Real Estate
· Analysis of real estate assets, their owners, predecessors in the chain of ownership and companies which have partnership, including final due diligence report covering risks and pending matters

· Advising regarding real estate through private instrument of sale and purchase (followed whether by novation or not), simple or increased money exchanges

· Advising regarding typical real estate transactions, such as donations, leasing, regularization, transfer of rights, among others

· Development of atypical contracts, purchase options, memorandum of understanding, contracts built to suit, sale-leaseback, atypical locations, as well as advising on the establishment of corporate structures appropriate for each operation

· Advising on the establishment of shopping malls, hotels and rooms for logistics activity

· Real estate mergers for residential, hotel, commercial, industrial and for logistics activity, including mixed rooms

· Rural and city land subdivision development

· Expertise in litigation involving real estate law, such as repossession, maintenance and seizure of the land, property and evictions

· Credit rebound of collection action, foreclosure or fiduciary alienation

· Counsel on setting up real estate trust funds