Nogueira, Elias, Laskowski and Matias Lawyers combines tradition and modernity providing legal services in the Business and Corporate areas.

Its origins dates back to 1956, year of foundation of Elias and Laskowski Associate Attorneys that, in 2008, joined J.R. Nogueira and Associates Law Firm, created in 1991 by experienced lawyers with over 30 years practice in Corporate Law.

By the end of 2011, with the admission of partner Eduardo Felipe Matias, with over 15 years experience in Business Law, the Law Firm reached its present configuration.

The Firm also has the counseling and experience of Rubens Carmo Elias, retired Criminal Cassation Court Judge and retired São Paulo’s State Supreme Court Justice.

The common philosophy of its partners, based upon service excellence and personalized dynamic attending, with notable presence of the partners during the entire length of the work, has assured its success and continuous growth.

Located at Itaim Bibi, in the City of São Paulo, with a infrastructure around 800 sqm, the firm has regional offices in Brasilia and Manaus, it is a member of the Legal Netlink Alliance, an international law firms network.

Nogueira, Elias, Laskowski and Matias Lawyers has a high efficiency team that provides necessary support for a speedy attending. Due notice should be granted to the investment in information technology during the past years, such as the digitalization of all documents and the electronic data management system, to provide fast and secure services, reinforcing the Firm’s commitment to updated and innovative solutions provided to clients, both nationals and foreigners, on daily basis.

In its Sustainable NELM Project, the Firm has joined the UN Global Compact, an initiative which seeks to engage the international business community in adopting fundamental values in human rights, anti-corruption practices, work relations, environment and social responsibility.

The commitment to modernity is extensive to the continuous broadening of its fields of practices, adding newer fields to the traditional ones, as well as the permanent personal improvement of its associates and partners, with notable academic achievements. More than 50 highly qualified professionals, working on a wide range of areas, Nogueira, Elias, Laskowski and Matias Lawyers is a firm capable of delivering whole and high quality services to its clients.