NELM was nominated as one of the most admired law firms of Brasil in 2013.

In 2013, Nogueira, Elias, Laskowski and Matias Lawyers was indicated  as one of the most admired law firms by the yearbook “Legal 500”, considered the biggest and most important survey about the Brazilian legal market. 

In order to identify which are the most admired law firms and lawyers of the country, Análise Editorial” leads every year a detailed research with the law managers of the biggest 1500 Brazilian companies. They are consulted by the “Análise Editorial” team and vote for the firms and professionals they most admire, regardless using their services. The result is a unique vision of the legal services available in Brazil and of who is most qualified to provide these services, in the opinion of the companies who hire them.

The research is divided in 12 areas of law: environmental, civil, consumer, commercial contracts, export and import, infrastructure and regulation, financial operations, criminal, intellectual property, corporate, labor and tax. Thus, it is possible identify which are the most admired law firms in each area and name the teams that stand out in many areas. This publication lists the 500 law firms most admired according to the biggest companies, with a complete profile about its expertise, size and leading lawyers.