NELM affiliates to the Pro Bono Institute, adhering to this important action for access to Justice.
 NELM has joined the Pro Bono Institute, which focus in providing legal services to those who do not have access to Justice. The Pro Bono initiative is a fundamental of the Social Responsibilities Area in the NELM SUSTENTÁVEL project, as part of the internal actions that reflects NELM’s adherence to the United Nations Global Compact.

Established in 2001 by the initiative of São Paulo’s most distinguished legal professionals, the Pro Bono Institute aims at providing the proper contact between law firms and lawyers working Pro Bono with the people and organizations in social and economic deficit. Nowadays, in the State of São Paulo, due to the low amount of public defenders and the exclusion mark for people in economic dire, which is set at bellow 5 minimum wages reference, the Pro Bono work is an essential element of social inclusion.

Apart from the traditional pro bono work, the initiative also includes an education campaign with Law students who are voluntaries to work with the lawyers in the pro bono cases, thus enhancing their legal learning experience.

Also, part of the Pro Bono action is a joint effort of all the lawyers working pro bono to prepare essential rights guides and advise in large scale the people in economic and social dire.