NELM presents its Communication on Progress to the Global Compact

NELM has delivered its Communication on Progress to the United Nations Global Compact, fulfilling the responsibility to report each year the evolution of actions taken to improve the integration of sustainability into its business strategy, culture and work environment. The document illustrates the efforts of NELM Sustentável project, following the ten principles of the Global Compact.


In the field of Human Rights, the firm maintains the program of blood donation, the Solidary Easter and the think tank, in which its professionals discuss legal initiatives on issues of relevance to sustainable development, and perfected his pro bono practice.


Concerning labor principles, NELM had already implemented a weekly home office, and this year created a living room and a competition of ideas for a more sustainable place to work, carried out through NELMnet, an internal social network.


In the Environmental area, the firm has policies to reduce, reuse and recycle office supplies, the selective waste collection and encourage its team to reduce paper consumption and energy. This year was adopted a water use management plan and consolidated a sustainable purchasing policy, which is divided into five sections: Principles, internal conducts, supplier selection, product characteristics and purchasing process.


Also this year, NELM joined the “Coalizão Brasil Clima, Florestas e Agricultura” (Brazil Coalition Climate Forestry and Agriculture), a multi sectorial movement in order to present alternatives for the promotion of green economy, and signed the “Carta Aberta ao Brasil sobre

Mudança do Clima” (Open Letter to Brazil on Climate Change), an initiative of the Instituto Ethos, document submitted to the Federal Government with proposals to cut gas emissions that cause global warming. "During the past year our firm has invested in the development of new forms of communication between our team, customers and partners, so we can perform an even better and important advocacy function before our community and society at large on the principles of sustainability and of the Global Compact" said Eduardo Felipe Matias, partner responsible for NELM’s sustainability area. The full report is available on the Global Compact website: https://www.unglobalcompact.org/participation/report/cop/create-and-submit/active/174921