NELM joined the "Coalizão Brasil" 

In June, NELM joined the movement Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture, thereby strengthening the commitment to sustainable development made ​​in its Sustainable NELM project. 

It is a multisectoral movement that brings together companies, civil society organizations and individuals, and recognizes the opportunities and synergies between agriculture and the protection agenda, conservation and sustainable use of forests as a great Brazilian potential to mitigate climate change.

The goal of the Coalition is to develop a new economy, with sustainable and competitive basis, which allows achieve concrete progress for the climate agenda, forests and agriculture in Brazil and generate business opportunities for the country  believing that dialogue between productive sectors, non-governmental organizations, government and academia is a enormous breakthrough for technological development, sustainable and low carbon .

According the lawyer, Danilo Camargo, among the commitments made by companies that adhere to the Coalition, it is, for example, the corporate purchasing products from native forests, require evidence that the wood is legally controlled or certified. NELM believes this initiative and invites all to strengthen this important movement.

The list of members is available in English at: