NELM delivers its second report to the Global Compact. 
We are pleased to report that our second Comunication on Progress was delivered to the United Nations Global Compact.
This document depicts our firm's effort in 2015 for the development of actions within the Sustainable NELM project.
Evaluating this period we observed a positive result of the awareness off all our employees, and especially the efforts of each to the development of ideas and projects that incorporate the principles of sustainability into our day-to-day.
Some of the proposed initiatives have brought effective results, such as reducing energy consumption, recycling of waste produced, the reduction of paper consumption, the various social responsibility and improving the quality of life of employees, with the implementation of "home office", among others.
These actions, even punctual, are effective in promoting the dissemination of sustainability values among our employees, customers and suppliers, able to make a difference and reach more people.

The document is available in English at: