NELM joins the UN Women, adhering to the Women's Empoerment Principles (WEPs). 
NELM joined the UN Women, which aims to help companies create or adapt existing policies and practices to achieve the empowerment of women.
The Women's Empowerment Principles was created in 2010 in a partnership between UN Women and the UN Global Compact, as in policy-based action and practices of leading companies from different sectors around the world, proposing a practical approach to advance women and point the way to a future that is both prosperous and fair everyone.
By implementing WEPs the NELM adopted a standardized set of parameters and indicators to measure performance and progress in the empowerment of women. This allows you to identify gaps in existing policies and procedures, include them in the company's action plan, and even compare your performance against competitors.

The list of member is available in English at: