Book Donations and “Story Telling”.


In the beginning of 2016, NELM started a permanent Book Donation campaign and signed a partnership with Abrinq (Brazil’s Toy Manufacturers Association) for the distribution of these books. 

The collection is taking place uninterruptedly and the deliveries will occur semiannually or annually, depending on the amount of books collected. 

Since the official beginning of this Campaign in March 2016, more than 500 books have been collected, which were already delivered to the Centro Assistencial Cruz de Malta, an entity indicated by Abrinq, together wit an afternoon of Story Telling to children assisted by the entity.

NELM’s visited the entity and, bearing puppets and costumes, brought joy to the children, telling classic stories such as Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Pinocchio. In return, they received all the affection a child is able to express. It was an amazing experience.