NELM Lawyers obtains certificate of selective of residues 
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NELM Lawyers obtains certificate of selective of residues

In our daily life are produced thousands of tons of waste, which constitute one of the biggest problems faced by society and the government , which aggravate the situation of environmental degradation due to contamination of soil, rivers, air pollution, dirty streets, proliferation of insects, rats , etc. and ultimately the cause of several diseases.

Inside the SUSTAINABLE NELM Project our office has adopted a policy of selective collection of residues by placing at our installations specific bins for waste sorting - organic material, paper, plastic and metals, which purpose is not only educate our employees, but also generate a positive impact the environment.

Our concern, however, goes beyond the residues produced in our everyday lives. For this reason, since October 2013 our collaborators began collecting dangerous materials when improperly disposed, such as electrical materials, electronics and computer peripherals (keyboards, ink, cell phones and chargers, cables and wires, batteries cartridges, for example).

After our research on how to properly dispose of these materials, we looked for a company that could be our partner in this journey, and we found the company Lavra – Logística Reversa (http:// lavra.eco.br/) and on April 30th, 2014 all collected material from our employees were delivered to this company.

This company has been chosen because it has all the quality certificates necessary for the activity regarding the appropriate conditions of work at this special activity, in addition to concern about the health of its employees regarding the use of protective equipment.

For this initiative, NELM Lawyers received from Lavra – Logística Reversa, the annex Certificate, which attests our commitment to the environment.